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Author: Joan Sikand

Makonde is an extraordinary work of art which weaves words with colorful drawings. The writer, Joan Sikand, a Korean American resident of Kenya, has joined with some highly talented Kenyan painters to create a work of poetry and prose. 

The poetry is inspirational and the book concludes with some fascinating short prose. All of the work is highlighted with drawings from the Makonde school of African art.

The Makonde art centers on sculpture carved from pau-preto (ebony wood, Diospyros ebenum) and pau-rosa (Swartzia spp.). The traditional art has existed for hundreds of years , however, beginning the 1950s, the Modern Makonde Art has been developed to cultivate the European clientele. The use of abstract figures, mostly spirits, Shetani, play a special role. This shetani style is used throughout the book. The genius of Joan Sikand is demonstrated by her skillfully combining the written word with the Makonde artists.

Joan Sikand is a lawyer. She and her husband reside in Nairobi, Kenya 

Additional Information:

  • ISBN 978-0-91071-12-5
  • 108 pages
  • 75 illustrations

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